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- Week Irelands Photo Rally - 2022 edition


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Feb 10, 2022
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We have a photo rally here each year in Ireland. There are 24 points to photograph with the bike

I've done 2 points already this year

Today though I was trying for 5 as I don't get many days out on my own.

For clarity ° is Celcius

Well that was a brassy day!! Left at 8am & 1°!! Got to my 1st stop - #13 ( Wesleyan Chapel) and it was still only 2°. Stamp around to warm up and throw on the Scott over jacket improved things markedly.
To 2nd stop, #7 (St Nicholas Church - Church of Ireland) by 10am and 2.5°.
3rd stop #22 (Baltimore - Statue presented by Baltimore USA to Baltimore Co. Leitrim) & the sun was well and truely out, but the thermostat was still dialled down in the minor single digits.
4th stop was The Shed distillery in Drumshanbo for lunch and a bottle of single pot still distilled Whiskey. Nice spot for sure. Just under half way round for my originally planned for route.
Then #5 (Water pump / post office) which I missed for some reason on the 1st pass and didn't realise untill I was nearly in Ardee, so a 25km back track. Not sure if it was me or the sat nav so I changed to setting next stop as destination rather than a round route. Last stop before home was #8 (Rathaldron Castle Gate house).
502km in total thanks to the back track but a great, if cold, day. The Road from Drumshanbo (R208) is flipping great. Frankly I doubt I would have enjoyed it any more on either of my previous Tigers. The Moto Guzzi was more than upto the job for a spirited ride. Comfortable, great engine and superb sound.


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Another two points this week in a 320km afternoon. Must pull my socks up and get more done.

Wexford point is at St Kieran's Quay and is the wreck of the Port Lairge



Then onto Kilkenny/Carlow point north or Goresbridge - Baracore Mill


Those pictures are beautiful. Keep that Guzzi fueled up and that camera clicking away!:thumb
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