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jetboil or Similar opinions??


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Feb 8, 2022
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After years of old Radius parafin Pressure stove, bought a Highlander blade ( jetboil copy stocked at Go outdoors etc ) Allternative and Cheaper than real Version of a jetboil.
My needs were compact light and the old radius just kept on delivering dispite the anoyance of needing to carry parifin/ kerosene/ meths for priming etc. A Diy wood chip burner and the army issue fuel brick folders kept me going.
The Highlander jetboil was good but would like something that was more compact yet fast for quick stop Tea drinking, I gave my old radius and highlander to myb daughter two years ago now, last summer i just used a army fuel tablet thing, but i need a fast boil compact divice any options or is it best to just put up with the bulk of jetboil or copies. and sujestions please. .
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I have a few stoves and always bring a MSR Pocket Rocket as well for very quick setup and boiling water for tea/coffee without braking out the more cumbersome stoves like i.e the MSR Dragonfly. Stoves are like bike saddles, what works for one person doesn't for another..YMMV
Check this for more options...https://advbikes.com/threads/stoves-what-is-your-poison.949/
I like my Solo stove, which handles soup & coffee just fine. I carry some dry kindling with me, but generally do fine feeding it even semi-dry twigs.
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