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Kawasaki Eliminator 450


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Mar 28, 2022
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Rumors from Asian websites report that Kawasaki will unveil a new Eliminator during the Bangkok Motor Show along with 2 other models.

Looks like maybe the 650 the lineup (Ninja 650R, Versys, and Vulcan S here in the states). Probably some Bold New Graphics.
I see the resemblance to its predecessors, but still haven't got used to that tank-on-frame look (Honda Rebel).
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Here she is! Based on the Ninja 400. Should be a fun little bike...



That's pretty rad. Not a pseudo cruiser or sport bike, just a sporty looking little standard. Wheel sizes are a bit funky, but that would be a super fun runaround.

390 wet would be a decent mark to hit if they're accurate on that.
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I agree the wheel size is a little strange.... The 18" on the front won't give as many tire choices. They could have done 19"/17" IMO.
I would like to see a scrambler/standard model built from this chassis. I guess a few owner added parts would be close enough. Tires, shocks and a jacked up bench seat is all the bike needs.
Why do all new bikes have to have that exoskeleton? To me, they look unfinished.
I dunno. Old bikes back in the day bikes had exposed steel tube frames. With modern chassis designs and engine castings capable of being stressed members the need for full cradle frames are going away. The aesthetic is certainly different, but I'm growing to enjoy it. A classic full cradle frame has a nice beefy look to it. A modern trellis/ diamond/ half frame really un-clutters the bottom of the engine, on top of generally being light and strong.

I'll take a modern steel diamond frame over an old cradle or cast aluminum frame any day.
I think the Eliminator will give the Rebel a run for its money.
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