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Feb 8, 2022
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Hi, not sure if this is a good place for my question (I thought about creating Track Day thread) but I'll give it a go.
I've been wanting to ride down to Alabama for the past few years, and the goal is still itching me.

One thought I have is to ride down to Barber to see the museum, and if I can schedule it with a track day that could be awesome. I checked pricing on the site but they don't hand out pricing info without grabbing your info, probably for future advertising use, which I don't want. So I'm wondering if anyone here has done a track day at Barber in the not too distant past. If so, how did it go? If you don't mind sharing, how much did it cost? I no longer have leathers, so factoring in the $60 rental fee will be part of the deal for me.
STT is the only provider for Barber. They have an excellent group of instructors and a top notch program for new to track folks. Even doing just 1 day will increase your skills and confidence on a bike.
Barber is a premier track in the US, they host Indy cars, IMSA, MotoAmerica, the Porsche School, so yeah it’s now a cheap endeavor to rent for track days.

I can’t encourage you enough to DO IT!
I did several track days when I lived in CA, on some nice tracks too: Sears Point, Thunder Hill and Buttonwillow, which was not so nice. I rode to all of them and on one trip I included a bit of touring afterwards. :jkam I admit that I take some pride in having rolled in full Givi, stripped the bike down and played Power Ranger for a day. It makes for a pricey day, with admission, tires possibly, leathers rental ...

There are a couple tracks closer to me, in upstate NY and southern Jersey, but the Barber track looks like several levels better.
My last track day at Barber cost $25 and didn't require leathers or a tech inspection.



OK, it was at the Barber Small bore event and not on the main track. The bike had to be under 200cc and 25 bucks paid for a 20 minute session. It was a lot of fun.


If you decide to come down to Alabama keep in mind that the summer months are extremely hot and humid.
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