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KTM 390 Adventure Thread


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Feb 10, 2022
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Charlotte, NC
Doesn't look like there's a 390 Adventure thread yet, so let's get one started!

I owned one for nine days. Then my wife rode it, said she'll take it, and I haven't seen it since. :(

I'm a big fan of Givi's Tanklock system, and have mounted it with great success on our F800GT and G650GS. But I wanted to post a small warning for anyone considering mounting it on their 390 Adventure.

In order to leave room for the fuel filler, they shifted the mounting plate back and angled it slightly towards the rider. The issue is, that puts it very close to the front of the seat.



If you mount even a medium-sized tank bag, the back of the bag moves into your seat area, and you will hit it unless you slide all the way back.


So I ordered the smallest Tanklock bag they have and it solves that problem, but you really can't go any bigger without moving the bag into the seat area.



If you're looking at the Tanklock system for your 390 Adventure, be aware that you might be limited to only their smallest tank bags.

I'd like to add a centerstand to the 390A, and am looking at the T-Rex. Does anyone have any experience with that brand of centerstand? Or any other brand for that matter?
For the owners - how does the 390A work off road with proper knobbies ?
Looking to purchase a 390 Adv to replace my Africa Twin;

Can anyone tell me how this bike is for 2 UP riding; Wife (petite) like to ride with me
while we tour. Need to know if the cockpit area is big enough for 2 riders.

I understand it has 1/2 the power but that is no big deal (we used to tour on a DRZ and it worked)

A big reason I bought the Adv was the up/down quickshifter. I have around 900 miles on it and find the q.s. to be crap!
Unreliable/inconsistant up shift and no blip on downshift. Dealer checked and claimed all good.
I hope others have better results as I just disabled mine.
2022 model.
MTC driving me nuts........ the only thing I dislke about the 390 is that the MTC reset when you
turn the ignition of AND when you stall the bike.

Is there a way to turn the MTC off either permanently (fuse? dongle?) or at least it remembers
the setting when you turn the ignition off.
on my 22 model if you put it in offroad mode TC is less intrusive and stays in the mode.
tried that - does not seem to do what I want on my 2020 model;
my biggest issue, is I'm half way up a steep hill and the TC kicks in and I lose all momentun,
or I hit a patch of sand and same thing. By the time I realize the TC is ON then it's too late to
switich it OFF.

Yesterday I switched the TC OFF and went riding up some knarly trails, without switching off the
bike the TC had magically swithced itself ON again. Not sure why this happened.

I've alwys disliked TC on any bike, my Africa Twin was the same the TC was too intrusive.
As an experienced rider I find traction control more hinderance than help. Classic example is pulling out into heavy traffic on my AT, needed to get going quick but minor loose stuff caused the motor to drop to idle when I gassed it. Later found you can configure it be less sensitive and it will stay there.
On the KTM, TC seems overkill on a 40 hp bike.
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