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KTM EXC350/GPX FSE300Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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Feb 8, 2022
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GPX FSE300R (Working Mans Mule)
KTM EXC350 (Gods Chariot)
$5999 vs $11900
HP/Tq, Id put them damn near even when the EXC is as delivered
Add a tuner and gearing to the EXC, and tires, maybe a muffler... lets say a +G note?
Now its $5999/12500
EXC 50 state certified.... many of us dont care so is the 30 pounds worth a 100% increase in "on the trail price"?
I have had EXCs since the dawn of time, 620/520/525/530 and love the 350 engines but I cant deny the NC250/300 and now the DOHC have their charms as well.
I voted with my wallet, and in my case as a now +55 trail hound the FSE has my needs covered just fine. Ive also dropped over #20 off her chubby butt so its not that far off frankly and Id not even notice but for but a few minutes anyway unless it was swapping onto a 125/150.


Certainly a possibility if some factions have their way.

Some of us have been known to relocate for riding....
Preach on! NJ was very much worth leaving!

Five years from now? Id guess I might need an engine rebuild by then....and the whole DOHC engine from valve cover to drain plug with stater and clutch fully ready to plug in and run is $2200. Cheaper than the parts only to rebuild a 350. As Im down to once a week ride schedule and off my old pace by a bit it should last me "forever".

Ive been on a new bike a year tear since 18 as these are so affordable and I gotta slow that down, throw more money at kayaks or if I hit the lottery maybe I can fill my van with fuel and buy a myself hamburger!
AG, when I was younger two things, there werent these choices to make, and I wasnt ready for a GPX. MX brain had me racing many HS on MX bikes, and +500cc tuu boute. Ida bean better off on a RMX or well, no, not an XR400, just no. I had EXCs all thru the 2000-15s. They were DS and SM or trail bikes with the kids.

Now Im 100% trying to have fun when I ride. No more shaving a tick here n there. So, these came along when I was ready for easy to ride. That said, if I didnt own the WP suspension parts Id not have added them now. 6-7/10ths pace I do not feel the extra mass. Shoot, Im even running a kickstand and lights on this one!

Its fun to look at the EXC and comp. Clearer is looking below the GPX at a CRF250f or L.
And those KTMs wires aren't alone. Despite having a fully street spec Big 4 level wiring loom I spent a few days chasing a bad connection on my GPX. Female connector on a ground wire needed a tighter squeeze. PITA to find it but bikes do bike things!
I only have my musings with back to back on a WRf 250 with it slightly plugged up. FSE250R SOHC had better bottom, same mid, less top. Uncorked the WRf would beat it even further up top but thats not where Im trying to be anymore. The new DOHC would be pretty much dead even with it, but more grunty down low. My suspension is different so Id adjust to either stock GPXWRf or whatever so no point mentioning that. I could live with either one stock. I doubt Id mod the WRf if I got that at this poing in my life.

So for the extra $$$ Id still be on the old grey donkey.
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