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LiFePO4 Battery + Portable Solar Panel


Feb 2, 2022
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here is the deal

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what ya'll think ?
I think I missing something or maybe not. Watt do the watts do in the middle of no where power? Makes me remember an old amphitheater my buddy and I found over 30yrs ago. I rigged the the power box and it was on!! A BC Rich vs an Ibanez.... probably heard for miles. But in modern times...what is the power for. I get 15 amps when my bike is running. This makes a ton of sense for a base station..but wattt does the advrider rider power? Uploading pics? Electrical bear fence? Kinda lost.........Or ya a badass firing a bike at negative Fahrenheit and need the powahhh. Could just switch to 0w oil though.
Basically a 110W solar setup. Bit bulky for motorcycle use. What are you planning on using it for?

No One said MC use, was thinking for my 7x16 vnose trailer with an air mattress .. for a bed, You know , make coffee, charge a phone an stuffs ?
You know that's a battery, not a "solar generator" or a "power station", so you're far ahead of many.

110W (maximum) of PV output isn't all that much, but it's something. The nice thing is the battery will also charge off of your truck and mains power. You can use a higher capacity panel, but you'd have to make sure it matches up with the battery box. I didn't check to see if the battery can be charged while in use, but it probably can. Doing that would let you run a fridge in your parked truck while off riding, with the panel charging it unattended.

LFP battery tech is good. It should charge/discharge quickly, with a lot of cycles. It's also a relatively safe battery type.

I'm not familiar with the brand. They've been around for awhile, but the move to LFP batteries is recent. Professor Hobo likes it. Go to 23:43 for his conclusions. There's some good information in the Amazon reviews and YT comments.

If you want a ready made system of that capacity, that seems like a good deal to me.

I also have several WEN gen sets, for 4000 and 2250 IIRC

but I wanted a quiet option to charge at night
My CPAP is the primary objective the rest can wait
Ok...this makes a ton of sense. I did tow packages for over a decade. My specialty was flat tow with braking systems. Tow vehicles can provide a great 12v line while running. And a trailer can be completely stand alone with panels. The cool thing about panels is..charging everyday. Add to that some vehicles are a little bit of trouble to get 12v to the hitch. Many bargman plug installs were Honda odysseys and not easy for shop speed. So I totally back stand alone trailer or camper charging. And possibly that could help a tow vehicle in a pinch. Just common sense electrics. Relays, diodes or whatever procedure to get current flowing the right way for the application. Some tow vehicles package is acc on and others are full time hot. I wired most full time 12v hot without packages. So if the plug is connected between the tow vehicle and camper....the panels would charge both the camper deep cycle and the tow vehicle. Ha sounds confusing but not. Yes panels are kick ass for this application when wired correctly. And..yes this is a good use of the technology. Ha the other site had me completely very confused with a similar post. Thanks MVI for clearing this up!
Just to add about 80% of my 12v installs in towing is for the break away battery charging for the trailer brakes. It is legally required. The 12v is on a 30 amp breaker...ha for a very small battery through a resistor charger. Maybe a 1/2 amp is used. So watts that ......300 plus watts available going down the road for charging.
Yeah, I doubt adding the massive 8A load of this unit to an e-brake circuit would cause any trouble.
Yes usually 12v on factory tow is a seperate fuse than the controller. So two 30amp fuses. On most shop installs the 30 amp breaker powers the controller and 12v. But there is really no reason 2 breakers cant be used.

I have installed hydros, snow plows, salt spreaders ect at the same job. There is a fair amount of charge capacity. But I always had the dump trailer owners wanting to ditch the big trailer battery. They figured the 12v at 30amp line would run the hydros..... ..The interesting part of a full hot system is the vehicle and trailer battery are balanced through the 12v line. So solar panels could keep both batteries charged while parked. A good idea to check the factory package. Most gm will be full hot
A solenoid or simply unplugging can isolate the two batteries while parked.. if needed.
Well. This is mostly a motorcycle forum. MC use is kind of given unless otherwise specified.
You Sir are correct

I should have specified.

In the MISC section we talk Vans, Chainsaws et. al.

Ha if it helps....all the above wiring , charging and even brake controller..... I have installed on a few bikes pulling trailers.
I personally really like it shown in watt-hours. How many watts does your CPAP pull, MVI ? That would tell you how long this thing would run it.
z2 auto // pulls 20W

Unit Input range 100–240V, 50–60Hz

Typical power consumption 20W (30VA)

Maximum power consumption 35W (70VA)
z2 auto // pulls 20W

Unit Input range 100–240V, 50–60Hz

Typical power consumption 20W (30VA)

Maximum power consumption 35W (70VA)
Ok, there you go. So the 512WH would run it for 17 hours if you assumed it would pull 30w. I’m sure you already know this, I’m just spelling it out for everyone.

Not bad. I had assumed 512wh would be far too small. So, if you used this thing for 8 hours, you’d use 240wh. Then your solar panel could recharge that amount in ~3 hours of good sun. Seems like it would work, and have a bit of power left over for other uses.
FWIW. There’s a 20yo panel on top of trailer. Two agms in the trailer and two agms in the van. There’s an ARB refer and a 12v bilge pump in five gallons of cooking water in the van. LED lighting, tail ramp motor, broke bike loading winch, panel of USB chargers etc in the trailer. In the campground, paddock, boondocks everybody is happy.
Couple of new Sales today

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