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Looking for guidance for dispersed camping and lodging for a big Colorado loop


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Feb 8, 2022
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Looking for suggestions and advice for a trip mid July for finding lodging or camping on the fly. This will be my third riding trip to Colorado, and in the past I've always base camped and looped from there. This time, I'll be leaving the truck near Colo springs and starting my loop from there. Also entirely against my nature, I have no itinerary, just going, so not sure where I'll end up each evening.

I'm aware of how crowded and expensive this destination can be, wouldn't be opposed to a reasonable motel every once in awhile for a warm shower. But plan on needing to camp most nights. Meals will be stopping at cafes and small eating joints as I find them, the only thing I'll be making at camp is morning coffee so as to not attract bears and such.

Any and all good advice welcomed and appreciated.
Rough plan is to head south on 115 then head north up gold camp road, make my way towards Buena Vista, then on towards Crested Butte/ Taylor Park, on towards Montrose then south to towards telluride. From there start my way back east to Lake city, then on towards Salida and back to the truck. I have 5 days to meander around so I may have to make adjustments and shortcuts if I can't make the miles every day. Lots to stop and look at.
Taylor Park is full of dispersed camping and will have no shortage of options for you. Just watch out for the SxS crowd.

There are also a lot of dispersed camping options around South Fork, assuming you will pass by there on the way back.
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