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MABDR general info thread

Have looked at this several times, hope to do VA, at least from Damascus past checkpoint 3 then drop down to Staunton and over to Crozet where my daughter lives.

Any plans to create a BDR southbound from Damascus?
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Damascus to Covington is a great 2 day ride!

There are rumors of a SEBDR, but they keep that tightY under wraps until it’s time.
Great to hear! The area north of Crozet has some amazing twisties too.

Also have plans to hike the AT from Waynsesboro to Skyline Drive then drop down a CCC road to a road just north of Mountfair which puts me right at the driveway to their farm. So many things I want to do!
Looking for some riders to do a portion of the MABDR in the first couple weeks of June. I'm in Lexington, KY. Probably have 5-6 days of riding available to me. Thanks, Shaun
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