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Feb 8, 2022
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I had joined the Maxi Scoots Forum on recommendation of an Inmate on ADVr. That inmate is now on this forum as well. One of the great things about this forum was that they held a meet-up every year. This way the forum members weren't just faceless people on the internet. In 2018 the Meet-up was held in Scottsboro, Alabama. Since this was only an hour from my home I was able to attend a couple of the rides. Since that forum will be shutting down I thought I'd try to preserve some of the memories by posting this ride report. Anyone else who was at that event is welcome to add their pics and memories here.

At the time I was working nights. I came home from work in morning, tried to take a very short nap and then got up and headed out after eating breakfast. I met a friend in Gurley and we headed towards Scottsboro.


Unfortunately his scooter wasn't running right so he turned around and headed home

I continued on and met the group from the Maxi Scoots forum who are here for their annual get together. There were a fair number of bikes and although this was a scooter rally there were a number of motorcycles and Spyders as well.


Maggie, our ride leader was the lady in the grey t shirt. She normally rides a large scooter but due to a hurt knee would be leading this ride in her pickup truck


Maggie is originally from this area and knew the roads. She picked a good route to Lynchburg and drove at a surprisingly fast pace for a pickup.
I took some pics on the fly.







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We took a break at a gas station near Huntland.


Then it was more back roads to Lynchburg. I was following Mark and his wife on his T max. Mark was one of the guys I rode with in June in NC. He told me that Darwin was recovering. He was doing his PT and getting around with a walker. He was hoping to get out riding before the end of the year.




Lunch was at the Barrel house.


Great food and conversation.


After lunch I spent some time with Mark and his wife Dawn walking around town. Here's Mark and his buddy Jack.


Too soon it was time for me to head home because I still had to go to work that night.

I planned on meeting up with the group again on Saturday.

I ride, Therefore I Am.
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I rode over to Scottsboro Saturday Morning to meet up again with the Maxi Scoots gang. Maggie, the leader of the group was hosting a Southern Breakfast at her cabin at Goose Pond Colony. Maggie is originally from the area and wanted all the Yankees to experience biscuits and gravy and grits. So I had a second breakfast. I passed on the Grits.

Some pics from her cabin.




Steve rode over from Georgia. He doesn't have a scooter but that doesn't matter to this group. There were a number of other motorcycles at the rally.


Then we got on the road for a short ride to Guntersville State Park.




Mark and Dawn on his T Max.



Nice road with a lot of water views.


227 was under construction. This section was recently re done with chip and seal. There was still a lot of loose gravel.


We stopped at the Lake Guntersviille SP lodge.

That stop ended up being the end of the organized ride. I offered to lead a ride from there and several riders took me up on it. I didn't get any pics as I was now leading the ride. We rode to Guntersville then rode Wyeth DR and Wyeth Mountain road. Then we took 227/67 back to Scottsboro. The pace was just a "little bit" faster than when we rode it in the morning. We stopped at the end of 67 to regroup and figure out what to do next. I took advantage of the break to get some pics.

With Mark and Dawn.


With Cathy and Bob.


It was now around 2 and despite 2 breakfasts i was getting hungry. We decided on a light lunch and Mark suggested McDs so we went there. I'm not a big McDs fan but 2 bucks for a McChicken sandwich and drink hit the spot. Mark wanted a pic to send to Darwin so we got this:


Then Steve and I headed for Huntsville. We didn't just take 72. I led us up CR17 to CR8 and then up over Keel Mountain. We stopped in Gurley for gas and switched bikes the rest of the way to my house. I don't think I have convinced Steve to buy a scooter.......YET, but at least he got to experience riding a maxi scooter. After dinner with Debbi and me last night and some of my "world famous" blueberry pancakes this morning Steve headed off for home.

A couple of years later Steve finally caught the scooter bug and bought a scooter. He is now riding a 2009 Vespa 250GTV as well as some motorcycles.
That was a great meet-up. I rode the Goldwing (red one) from north of Syracuse to there and can't wait to get back on one of my scooters. The cabin I shared with Pete and Maggie was the nightly gathering spot for the after rides-great memories. Thanks for the pics!
Thanks for the pics!
I was trying to preserve some of the memories from the maxi Scoots forum. I wish a more people would have used this forum to preserve some of more memorable stuff on the maxi scoots forum.
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