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Moto Guzzi V85 TT


Feb 10, 2022
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Alberta Canada
Anyone else own a V85 TT; I had a thread index on the "other" site, but stopped updating it in favour of adding the information to my personal site located @ Alberta Adventure Rider; the Wrenching & Tips section is where the information is stored & I have to do an update soon

Picture of my V85 as it sits today, but have new Kappa Luggage arriving & will be selling the OEM Travel Cases


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I've got a coastie version, but it'll be for sale as soon as I get off my lazy butt and put an ad up. Problem is I have to drag it through a bunch of snow to get to the street if it sells.


Plan is to replace it with a Ducati V2 Streetfighter. I haven't seen one in real life yet, but I put a deposit down on one last week anyway. Won't be the first Ducati I've ever bough sight unseen...
This bike is on my short list of bikes to replace my R1200GSA when the time comes. It's not that I don't like my BMW, it's more of a been there done that and ready for something else thing.

This is the one that gets my juices flowing.:raabia
Rode one (V85 Travel) for a week and 1,000m in Arkansas in the MotoGuzzi Experience last year. Good bike, really enjoyed it and it performed well in many conditions. Mainly twisty mountain road rides through the Ozarks from Memphis to Oklahoma and back. First time on a Guzzi and I have to admit I'd definitely own one now. Northern Arkansas is worth visiting if you've never been there, roads in good condition and plenty of them.
I have a good dealer not far away, although they are very small. They don’t go nuts with fees, which is unusual nowadays.

To me, the V85 checks a lot of boxes, and seems comfortable in the showroom. For the money, it looks like a nice package.
New USA color scheme for 2023.

I like it but I think that it would look better with a black frame to let the blue & white stand out.
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Well My buddy bought a new v85 tt Tourist model ? from Hamlin Cycle in Bethel Conn.- a excellent knowledgeable dealer. I swapped my Buddy with my 18 GSA for about 30 minute ride and was really impressed and will definitely consider it as my next bike...

Anyone out there made that swap that has any comments or insight ??
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