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Feb 8, 2022
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I got to thinking today about bikes cars and associated stuff, and the way my generation those before and perhaps another after often went about generally working on fixing up stuff on vehicles and other things.
Moreover the youth of today my kids late teens early 20s, just go about things a different way somehow.
In my poverty stricken world in 60s/70s uk and NZ. it was buy cheap fix up sell repeat and build up to a nice newer bike etc, but today its Debt! They just don't seem to want to avoid it, and any kind of work or possible risk involved in any vehicle purchase is today viewed with disdain.
OK i accept that the ECU controlled world we live in today, is different to the carbs and plugs and points or mechanical diesel injection of yesteryear, and more complex agred. but its not insurmountable and the mechanical work/ body work etc is largely the same.
I feel the younger generation are just not as hungry for the thrill of the chase/ the build as we were at their age.
Is it just me thinking this way or have things indeed changed considerably in the attitude to vehicles etc, the latest and greatest is what the youth of today seems to crave, and rather than build up to and progress to something more aspirational in say a car or bike, its just too easy to get in hock to the bank these days.
We got gifted weans.

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I fear you are right, the automotive world to some has always been just transport. But to others it is much more than just getting from A to B.
I do think the modern world has diluted the whole car truck bike owning and riding experience. And perhaps why much of the youth of today lack the passion for the automotive world that was imo much more apparent in the UK And NZ 40 years ago.
Does Verizon/Tesla have a plan that allows you and a friend to park at the beach at night for an hour or two and turn off all the cameras?
With at&t/waymo our extracurricular activities keep ending up on YouTube.
Asking for a friend.
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