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My Life With A 990 Adventure R, Or Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid


Jan 7, 2023
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San Clemente, CA
I bought my 2010 KTM 990R Adventure used with just a bit shy of 2,000 miles on the clock, back in September of 2013. I'd sold my 2004 BMW 1150 GS Adventure after just over 200,000 miles, though the clock showed a thousand or so less thanks to a broken speedometer cabe for two months. It was on back order, but when the package arrived there were two cables. I sent an email to the retailer who said their records showed only one shipped and as my records agreed with only being charged for one and their records showed no missing stock, we both scratched our heads. They said keep it as a spare.
I never needed it so it went away with the bike or to some other bike. I can't remember anymore.

Anyway, this is a thread that mostly just points to a series of blog posts I do annually reflecting what each year of owning and riding this 990R has been like. Maintenance, repair, and riding.

The posts all live on a Wordpress site: renowels.com
There is a bunch of stuff there that probably nobody else other than me is interested in, so I'll post up each year's summary below as linked to each year.

2013 - The first few months, learning how to ride a motorcycle without ABS again
2014 - Bling! Dry lake beds, Sand, Death Valley and Big Bear Riding
2015 - Fuel spills, Dry lake beds, Riding in the sand, broken switch repairs and sticky latches and Lyndon Poskitt Races 2 Places.
2016 - Bling! Pahrump Adventure Riders Rally and Death Valley
2017 - Springfield Mile, retirement and downsizing, and ugly bearings
2018 Part I - 3 Step Hideaway, some of the COBDR, getting lost and yes it was hot.
2018 Part II - The middle of that month on the road, Vintage motorcycle Racing, Sidecars and high mountain passes
2018 Part III - A bit more than a month on a motorcycle, Westfest, a new grandson and almost the end of the line
2019 - The aftermath of a dirtbike shop repair and the KTM Rally in Colorado
2020 - Spending money and time on motorcycling and never going anywhere.
2021 - Well as long as I've ridden this far... That first Heat Dome
2022 - Only one short, hot ride this year 116°F in Needles. Why yes it is hot and uncomfortable.

New to me, 09/2013, 1923 miles,

Today, 01/2023, 88,000-ish miles,

This post will be updated each year, until I can't or stop riding.

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