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MZ Skorpion


Dec 31, 2022
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Just wondering if anyone else is out there with a Skorp.

Skorpion on bridge.jpg
I remember when those came out because I read a few magazine tests on them. I think I even saw one in real life but never considered buying one. It does seem like a cool bike.
There were a few models. I think the last was a sumo. Also a hack model?
I also had to Google that. Uses Yamaha's 5 valve 660 thumper. Huh. Well that's pretty damn cool!
Neverv had one i n fact never riden one, Mz always were a compitent bike, no reason for a yamaha powered one to be built not to handle. I like the yamaha engine and thought there was a 600cc version too but not sure.
There was a baghera or some such title Too.
Kind of imagine they are yamaha SRX 6 type of bike, I have had a few SRX 6s and they were awesome little things.
In late 2002 and early 2003 we test-rode a bunch of bikes looking for an upgrade for KK's GS500E. At the time there was a Guzzi/Laverda/MZ dealer about twenty minutes from here, so we rode a Skorpion, the Laverda twins and triples, and a Breva 750.

The Skorpion was the best of the bunch by far! But IIRC the price new was absolutely insane. I bet they were much more reasonable on the pre-owned market.

Funny side note, one of the Laverdas (I think it was the twin) shook so bad I turned right around and told the dealer "something is wrong with this bike". "Nope" he said, "that's how it's supposed to be". Yikes.

Another side note, after riding about a dozen bikes she ended up with a 2003 F650CS ... and she still has it today! It is a great little bike and her riding skills grew by leaps and bounds on it.
They are awesome bikes. Under 400 lbs. Yamaha 660cc water-cooled, 5 valve, dry sump single. Weird 2 barrel carb. Some lovely little touches like the adjustable bars. Excellent stiff frame. They go for under $3,000, usually.

MZ also made some Rotax engined 500cc bikes. Those are considerably slower but I'd still like to have one.

I have threatened to sell my Skorp many times but always change my mind after I ride it. Lightweight singles are just awesome fun. Not fast but really maintain speed once it's attained.
I saw one at a Thumper Owners rally back around 1997. The Skorpion and my Duke were probably the two most unusual bikes there. Don't remember where the owner was from. This was in WI.
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