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NATC 2022 Nationals

One of these days I'm going to make a national, either as a rider or as a checker. Seems like it would be an amazing experience. The one last year in Pennsylvania was about as close as they've been to Connecticut as long as I've been riding and if only I hadn't just started a new job I would have made the trip. Hopefully next year they stay within reasonable driving distance but at some point I may just have to hop in the car and gooooo.
Speaking of Checkers, The NATC Checker's Guide was just released this week.

The 2018 NATC training video is a great place to start and get oriented the rules of the game.

The Checker's Guide is a deep dive that combines the following elements in one place:

  • The Video (of course - along with discussion of a couple of items that are out of date in the video)
  • The exact words from the rule book
  • For ease of review, a direct link from the rule to the exact spot in the video that discusses that rule
  • Some Best Practices / Tips-nTricks
  • Additional information that gets discussed at the checkers meeting (radio protocols, handling punching errors, closing the section etc)

The guide attempts to flow sequentially through the checking process from start-to-end to try to get these awesome folks that volunteer their time and effort all the information they need before they show up at an event.

And at 19 pages it can also be a handy tool if you have trouble falling asleep at night :-)
I’ll be there. Really looking forward to riding some US Nationals again. Putting ‘SR-60’ on the number plate makes me realize how long I’ve been doing this. It shouldn’t surprise me though, considering I rode my first NATC Natl round at Roaring Branch, Pennsylvania in the summer of 1978. :-)
Yes, I rode my first national in 1975, Layland, Ohio. There was only 2 classes, National and Support, both rode the same line. I won the Support class, only 15 years old. Lineaway was there also in the National class.
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None that is riding. Chuck and Bill started in 73 and 74. Shipmans book Trials just for fun is the best reference for NMTA`s early years. Just so happens my father was president `73 and `74 and I went to every board meeting.
Jason are you coming out to the Western Nationals?. An hour ago I made hotel reservations for the El Trial De Espana. 20 minutes later I am going to the Western Nationals! Now I have to learn to ride my damn bike! 2 months to learn to ride like I used to!

I was not planning on the nationals this year. I want to move up to the blue line, white line was a bit too easy. But I don’t think I am ready for blue. It feels like there is a big jump between the classes.
Yeah, I jumped up to the blue line in 2002 and rode most of the Nationals. That was probably the best I improved ever, just because I was forced too. I was doing well until I tore my ACL on my 42nd b day at San YO riding stuff that was a little big. LOL Back then it was 50% sportsman and 50% Expert.
In 2002 I dont remember what happened in Colorado in 2002, but it was hard. In 2004 I won the 1st day at Co. after not riding for 18 months. I destinctly remember one of the sportsman sections was an Expert section in 2002. Go figure!


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