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Amos Malone

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Apr 15, 2022
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I keep coming back to this bike. No matter what. It's always "But what about the NC750X."

It does not have gobs of power, like nearly anything else over half a liter. It has just enough, with some in reserve.
It does not have great suspension. Especially after the 2018 model when Honda replaced the nearly off-road capable suspension with practically pure road suspension. And, at the same time, made an adventure bike version. :confused
It does not have great brakes. It only has one disk at the front. Even the CB500 has two front disks now. I guess we're lucky it doesn't have a drum brake at the back.
It does not have cruise control.

What it does have:
DCT. Okay the DCT has fewer 'modes' than its big brother, the African Twin, but it's still awesome.
Awesome mileage. And I mean Awesome with capital A.
The Frunk. No need for a topbox with that right in front of you.
ABS. (Might be optional in some markets. It's standard here.)
Comfortable seating positon.
Price. It undercuts nearly everything in the same size by 20-30%.

If only they'd add an cruise control. I know some don't see the point. But I do.

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