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Jim Moore

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Apr 7, 2022
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Jax, FL
New-to-me 2003 Heritage Softail. 6500 miles. Why? Why the hell not?!

Harley Pic.jpeg
I spent some time on 2007. Great bikes. The handlbar is a little odd and can be pushed forward some till the wrist angle gets annoying. Most with stock handlebars are usually pulled back to tiller mode. But the wrist angle and reach is good in that position.
Beautiful, happy for you.

I'm guessing you paid more for it than I did for the "garage find" '95 Softail Classic I got from a client of mine a couple years ago. Bike had sat in his garage for 15 years completely covered after he had a close call while riding it, parked with less than 2000 miles on it. I got it for $300, tried to give them $500 for it but they wouldn't take a dime more.



I rode it about 10 miles and knew it wasn't a keeper for me, never cared for forward controls/footboards and I'm at that point where I didn't want to fight with moving that 800+ lb behemoth in my garage every time I needed to get another bike out. And it was hard to pass up the money that was made a couple weeks later.
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