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- Week NM BDR Cuba - Antonito (For real this Time)


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Mar 28, 2022
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Palm Coast, Fl
All right so last time I tried this the rain, two feet of snow, freezing temps, and forest closures kept me ffrom getting much farther than the halfway point. This time however, was a very different story!

Started the day bright and early leaving Albuquerque for cuba, sun to my right and hot air balloons and rainbow on my left. quick easy jaunt and a surprising amount of cops later I was fueled up and ready to leave Cuba for the first leg. Now the night before it had rained throughout that area pretty heavily and during the day light showers were expected so to start with the trails were excellent, nice and tacky and pretty well drained. The first half headed into El Rito I mostly remembered so navigation was easy, trails were fast and fun, and the views were excellent!

After the crossing the first mountain it was a fast flowing run down rte126 to the Dam were as I started crossing it I spotted two ADV bikes making their way down the switchbacks. now up to this point the trails had been tacky a fun, but after reaching the river things changed quite a bit, the trail became very slick with large mud puddles everywhere. I rode as fast as I could manage safely and could not manage to reel the pair in until......a puddle did the job for me lol. Turns out they were on day 6 and last leg of their BDR adventure. We slid , splashed and paddled our way to the next road were decided if we were going to try the hard route or just take the main route, and after my last attempt at the hard route I'm glad the main route won out.

Cruising up to El Rito we spotted the first tarantula I had seen in the wild :gun2 and it was way more alive than I was ok with lol
From here we entered Carson National forest and just had fun cruising the muddy trails


From this point on the mad went from Mild to wild, there were spots were puddles were the only source of traction and this was were I was starting to really wish I had something better than a Shinko 705 up front


(I wasn't going the direction the bike is facing)

We ended up hitting one trail that looked more like a muddy rocky river with some crazy ruts and it was awesome. I had to much fun for pics at that point but we managed it remarkably well! From here in it varied a lot between fast slick mud, tighter windier bits weaving through the just turning Aspens, to rolling meadows filled with majestic mammals such as the cow and the baby cow, we even spotted a lone antelope.

These two mad lads managed to kick my ass on a BMW 1200GS and Tenere 700 after 5 days of adventure!

We finally made it to the Colorado border and had to make one small fix, somehow I lost the bolts to my tails under tray (fills in the space under the tail from the gas tank back) a few zipties, rokstraps, and my bungee net fixed it up well enough for the last few miles :thumb
Finally we were riding the last little dirt road and were treated with a last rainbow for our effort


Time for a beer and burger and a long boring cruise home:freaky
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