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- Week NM BDR Grants-Reserve 217 miles of meh->Awesome views


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Mar 28, 2022
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Palm Coast, Fl
All right peeps first time for everything, started the cruise on the highway nice and easy because of inability to manage land had to avoid the first off-road section just SW of Grants Sheriff was stopped right before the turn for the first section of dirt and I hope he didn't find my abrupt braking suspicious lol

First section to Fence lake wasn't particularly exciting but wasn't boring either, just a nice easy cruise past plenty of ranches, even saw my first antelope out here. This one even used my old operating Initials from work

Rolled up on a Wolf Preserve, I think I've been here before long ago to. They definitely made their presence known

Made it to salt lake, was much larger than I had expected and actually had water. This section had some short soft sand sections and their were always cows standing right nearby

Followed that road for awhile mostly through wide open fields and plenty more cows till crossing Rte 60 shortly after that I finally started getting some real trees and consistent mountainous terrain. Also finally ended up stopping for a warm turkey sandwich at around 1 in the Bishop Canyon area. Cant complain about the view! I also managed to find the softest patch of dirt ever which made for the only tipover of the day :lol3 I'd swear that if I hadnt seen the kickstand lift out of that dirt that I had just forgotten to put it down

Back at I rolled into Luna and hit a few miles of twisty asphalt before heading up the mountain. This trail was just rough, so bad when I got to the top and stopped at Dangerous Park trail, I noticed my exhaust was about to fall off

I really wanted to try this trail but couldnt confirm it was bike friendly and knew I was already going to get a little tight on fuel, who wants to go back and ride it sometime?

This was definitely my favorite section, mountainous, wooded , twisty, and excellent views

SHortly after this pic about 2 miles from the Highway my exhaust finally decided it had had enough luckily it was almost all down hill from here so I just coasted her down almost the whole way. I wish I had brought a 5mm allen key that was obnoxious lol

From there it was a quick highway jaunt and then time for a quick stretch in Reserve.

Rode up through Datil, grabbed some fuel and then it was time for the endlessly straight roads over to Socorro, turns out the Versys gets a super sketchy headshake at 116 almost exactly:ricky

Had to stop for the giant Alien communicators

Finally made it back to Albuquerque, total time of trip 12hrs and 15 min :thumbnot a bad days ride
2007 Ninja 650 with a ton of 2012 Versys parts on her
Shinkos run at 32ish psi

masking tape and paper with typed out directions

Systema helmet
Leatt 5.1 vest
hiking boots (just incase)
ADV pants with some knee protection (not my favorite, they may get returned)
She sure is! Ive traded, used spare parts, or made things from scratch and only bought the heated grips and consumables so far :ricky
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