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No Maggie Valley Ride for ADV Bikes?

Are we not good enough?

Plenty of adventure riding around Maggie Valley. Several of us did some at the Beat the Heat Scooter Rallies the last few years.










Come join us this year. If you want some adventure riding you'll find it as well as some of the twistiest roads in the country.
I think the focus of cabanza post (I could be wrong) was that we need more about the BTH posted here and not only on that other board. Not that there was lack of participation.
Am I the one that misunderstood?
June of '21 the AT was loaded into the just-completed cargo trailer conversion (now sold) for an initial shakedown. Set up in MV.

F150&trailer-at-Stonebridge-Maggie-Valley(sm).jpg P6200002sm.jpg

Had routes planned for three days. Some forest roads, but overall it was mostly paved roads.

IMG_20210621_102045160sm.jpg IMG_20210621_102027840sm.jpg IMG_20210621_153051477_HDRsm.jpg


IMG_20210621_152047291sm.jpg IMG_20210622_145742009_HDR(sm).jpg

Still need to go see the Rooster's Lookout. Would be nice to do this year.
I am going to ride over to Maggie Valley from our cabin close to Robbinsville NC for day rides like I did last year.
Waiting for dogpile about the dangers of car tires...... in...3..2..1....

scooterguy has been to all four of these rallies and we ride some of the twistiest roads in the country. The car tires haven't been an issue. Passing Harley's that don't want to be passed by a scooter on the other hand can be hazardous!
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