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Old School Two Stroke Pics


Feb 9, 2022
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Let's see your old two smokers. Dirt bikes, street bikes, I want to see them all!
This is all I have to add right now, I'm at work.


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Technically my third bike, but really my first. Bought it new (leftover) at a Yamaha dealer in Stuart, FL in 1986 for $2400 OTD. Totaled it in 1988. What an absolute blast it was.

lusted after this bike, in the Yamaha yello/black. was skeered of running a 2-smoke on the street.........so bought a VF500F (?) instead. also great fun. my first street bike.
My vintage toys.
Oh dear god! That yz250, with the mono shock!!! Before I found boobies, all my lust, my soul, screamed for this bike ( but really the yz80 for my size).

Imagine my disappointment in getting a RM 80 instead…. ( I know, tough shit to deal with…) but Bob Hannah was a Yammie guy also, so there was that too,
I had a first or second year IT400. 1976? That bike was a pig. Worst dirt bike I've ever owned.:D
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