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Feb 8, 2022
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Anybody have an Oset?

I picked up a 20r for my step daughter last year. She has been ripping around the house for a while but we went to a riding area with it and battery life seems to be an issue (replaced them when I bought it).

Anybody have an advice for affordable lithium options? Not looking to spend as much for a battery as I paid for the bike.

Saw someone on FB used an e-bike battery with good results, only about $300 on Amazon.

Also looking to convert it to a foot brake at some point. Seen a few pics here and there of other folks doing it. Doesn't seem particularly hard to adapt standard gas bike parts save for adapting the brake line.


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Did you buy that one from Bucho? I sold kiddo's 20R to Stinson from DAMN. I had converted ours to lithium. The cheapest way is pouch RC packs. You will have to do the balancing yourself. I'm big into RC and its no problem for me to charge dual 6S LiPo packs (they went into the bike in series for 12S.) A BMS is pretty cheap and easy to adapt now though. That would give you simple one point charging w/ internal balancing and some over/under charge protection.

I'd skip the foot brake. LHRB is flat out better (I've got Clake's on 3 of my bikes.) As she grows electrics will be even more and more common. My kid went from the Oset 20R to a SurRon(Segway) X160. He'll graduate to a full size SurRon eventually, then onto my KTM Freeride-E, and then the Stark Varg :) May he never know a foot brake.
Yes, this is Bucho's old bike.

Hmm, I do have a lipo charger that does up to 6s, may need to look in to that further.

Part of the issue is she can't reach the damn levers as is. The other part is I am used to a foot brake and it makes it hard to jump on this thing and screw around as I keep yanking the rear brake thinking I'm pulling in the clutch :rofl

I ran a LHRB before and while I agree it is nice, I don't like the auto clutch that was necessary to go with it (1st gen rekluse with the full size master, way before Clake was around)
Those Oset's are great little bikes....

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I had fully upgraded my kid's bike. New SRAM brakes w/ reach adj, Marzocchi fork and Rockshox air shock set for his weight. Agreed its sort of silly to make a kid sized bike that isn't setup for kids to use. The factory brake levers MAY have a tiny allen wrench adjustable reach screw so look for that. I had completely missed them until I took off to put the SRAMs on. Like this pic below I grabbed off the internet. If you dial them back towards the bars for smaller hands you have to keep the brakes really well bled and the calipers clean so they don't go soft and run out of lever travel before they reach stopping pressure.
tektro adjustment.jpg

For RC 6S batteries you can look places like Hobbyking. (sorry if you already know this.) I had monster hard case cells from the office I just repurposed (the price was right.)
Even the lower C rate packs should work as the C * Ah capacity is still a pretty big peak number. LiPos sag less than lead acid so you'll get longer run times more than just Ah difference would indicate. My big fear was discharging too far and damaging $$$ cells. W/o an onboard BMS you have to measure the cell voltage often as they ride. An RC battery monitor w/ beeper might be a good thing to plug into each of the balance connectors. Or spend a little more money to buy a small BMS and plug the RC batts into that.
I have two Oset 16.0's and a 24R. I was thinking about switching my twins bikes to these. I've e-mailed them, nothing back. Will call Tuesday if no response.

In my non-electrical mind, seems like an easier swap. However, I can be pushed to other plug-n-play options.
^The probelms with those is the discharge rate. They clearly aren't using high quality LiFe cells like an A123 so the max discharge spec on something like the equivalent sized 10Ah version is 20A continuous. A LiPo pack will WAY outperform it.
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