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Feb 8, 2022
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I'm going to try something new. This is not my ride report, it is our ride report. If you went for a ride today but you don't think it is worthy of a ride report, this is the place for it. If you commuted to work or the store or just went for a short ride, this is the place. This is after all a motorcycle forum and why own a motorcycle unless you enjoy riding. Feel free to add comments or questions. I'd like to get some discussion going here and make it a nice place to hang out.

If you have never written a ride report before then this will be a good place to try it out. Pics are a plus but not required. If you had something interesting happen or saw something interesting then tell us about it.

I'll start with my ride last evening. I had put a new belt and rollers in my Kymco and wanted to go for a ride to make sure I didn't screw anything up. I timed my ride so with the sunset hoping for some good pics. I ended up riding about 20 miles. The bike ran fine and I took some pics.

P5110008 (2).JPG


P5110016 (2).JPG

OK, anyone else go riding?
It's too quiet here! I took the '01 Vstar 1100 out for a test spin last night after a rejet for the altitude. The engine actually idles and rides like its supposed to who would have guessed! I was having so much fun I forgot the pics, as a side note anyone want a (now) great running Vstar 1100?

Also took the versys out to a cycle gear meet, nothing to special but forgetting that you left it in first, firing it up, and then releasing the clutch to put on ones gloves makes for an exciting and short ride in front of everyone :lol3
I went for a ride today. It was just around town to get groceries but I did defy death!!!

I headed out on my Kymco and did something most people don't normally do on a 150cc scooter.

P5130003 (2).JPG

Yep, I got on the interstate. 150cc and 12 inch wheels running a death defying 60 MPH:ricky:ricky

Ok it was just for a half mile. My exit was just ahead to the right. I wanted to check out the carnival that was in town and this was the only way to get to this vantage point:

P5130009 (2).JPG

From a different POV.

P5130011 (2).JPG

Then it was off to the grocery store. While most people head out of town to go for a ride and I certainly do, riding around town can be fun on the right bike.

It also helps to live in a city that isn't just a bunch of straight and boring roads.

P5130013 (2).JPG

I got my groceries.

P5130015 (2).JPG

And I filled up with gas.


1.1 Gallons to ride 92 miles means I can get the groceries and have fun and not break the bank even with today's gas prices.


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Had a nice 550 km ride to Alma NB, in Fundy National Park yesterday. It was the first day this season that it really felt like summer. Temps ranging from 15 C along the coast, to 26 C inland. Had a great lunch at Tipsy Tails, rode down through the new connector road between the Park and The Fundy Trail Parkway, laid in the grass for a hour at Connell Park in Sussex.
This is my favourite picture of the trip :)
Sunday morning ride to a breakfast spot… Went to Uncle Bucks in Belvidere NJ.. Restaurant is on the. Pequest River right before it flows into the Delaware.. on a budget this week so went with the #1 and substituted grilled Tomatoes for the Potatoes!! $4.95

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I had a medical appointment in the city today, so it was paid sick day from work. What better reason to take the bike, and the long way home.

Fort Howe overlooking Saint John Harbour

Train over Reversing Falls. Lunch in the bag.

Colson Cove Generating Station. The twin 600’ stacks are the tallest structures east of Montreal.

Low tide at Lepreau NB.

Beaver Harbour, a working waterfront.

The Grand Manan V preparing to depart Blacks Harbour.

It was a great day for a ride!
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Yesterday the forecast was for mid 70s and rain in the afternoon. I wasn't quite in the rhythm of the week because I was on vacation Monday and Tuesday. It would have been a nice day to ride into work. Having not ridden once this week and feeling stung by how much gas money we spent on vacation, that left today to ride. 51F, windy and rainy for the commute in. Hopefully we get all of the mid 60s and sun predicted for the ride home.
Last weekend I rode up the Hudson River to meet with a fellow Sprint rider. It was a ride of necessity as the carbon fiber muffler on my bike (20 year old Triumph part) was disintegrating and it needed replacement. Fortunately my friend had one, and with a couple hours of work hacking off old rusted bolts, it was installed.

I have to say that the flat position of the muffler ruins the otherwise sporty look of the bike. It was designed this way to accommodate the stock ST panniers (obviously not installed in this photo) that hang low. It bothers me enough that I've bought the muffler for running sans panniers ... waiting for its delivery. I can't wait to sportify the bike with this upswept muffler.

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