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Pilot Road 6 question


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Apr 23, 2022
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The Woodlands, Texas
Need some new tires for my 2004 BMW R1150RT. The rear (5" rim) calls for a 170/60/17.

The Road 6 is not offered in that size for the rear.

The do offer a 180/55/17

I've read conflicting reports

Will a 180/55/17 work safely on a 5" rim?

I do have the room for the 10mm extra width.

Edit: Want the GT version

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Even tires that have identical numbers can have different profiles. So from that a change like 170/60 to 180/55 is not that much. It will fit on the same wheel. People are even using car tires without killing themselves the same day they install them.
On the other hand. Even a small change in profile will affect handling.
On the other, other hand. Why limit yourself to Pilot Road 6 GT? There are many manufacturers with as good tires.

Edit. Added picture.
Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 20.10.25.png
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I would not. Pretty sure that 180 is the size on my Ninja. That wheel is a bunch wider than 5".

Mounting narrow, would increase the tire curvature. Less contact, decreased life on centerline.

Did like those tires when I had them on the versys.
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