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Recommendations for additional front & rear lighting


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Jun 1, 2022
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Martinsburg, WV
I have read about products from several companies and would like to see what other R12XXGS riders are doing.

I am looking to add white driving lights (spots) on the front that mount no lower than the bottom of the beak.

For the rear, I would like to improve the anemic factory setup on my 2021 1250GS. I am accustomed to a strobe back there so something like that would be nice.

What say you folks that have already been through this?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
While I currently have Clearwaters on my bike, front and rear (Billy brake light), I would have a good look at RubyMoto lights as well as Denali. All depends on how much $$ You want to spend. The Clearwater's have been on two bikes for 60K miles without any problems so there is that. YMMV
Denali is hard to beat both in price and quality.

Their rear brake light is very nice.

Put them together with a ezCAN controller and life is good.
In 2008, I visited Glenn Stasky's Clearwater factory. I purchased a pair of Krista as they were the "big guns" back then. Those lights were transferred to two other BMWs and my son-in-law has them, now, on his GSA. They've been flawless. On my '18 GSA, I have a set of Ericas and a pair of always-on Darlas. The Ericas work when the high beam is activated, when I flash to pass and when I blow the horn. Yup, they're pricey but their quality is evident.

I've got a pair of Billie brake lights on the stern:

Those Billies are at 10% brightness.

I sent an e-mail to Clearwater so we'll see what they have to say about the kind of lights I am looking for. Thanks all.
I had the Denal1 1.0's originally and ungraded to the Denali 2.0. They work very well and are very bright. I like them compact for this installation.

The headlights are Baja Designs Squadron Pro high beam on the left and the Cyclops low beam on the right. Both of these work 100% better than the stockers but I do wish the Baja was a little brighter. The Denail's make up for it. This setup works great.
Thanks skibum69. For cost reasons I am only looking to install two lights and the idea of mixing a spot with something that has a low beam cut-off is quite appealing.
I've got an older bike and my Motolights are an older option too. I'm a big believer in triangulated headlights and I think that they significantly reduce the instances where drivers look through a motorcycle without seeing it.

This is just my opinion and I don't have any stats but more lighting has got to be better than less unless you are just out to blind oncoming drivers. Here's my old mare.
You can see the shape Chinese knockoff's mounted to the crash bars on my R65. These are surprisingly bright for a cheap light and work very well. Good for that triangulated light look too.

No aux lights on my other bikes yet but I think I'm going to mount my Denali 1's to my 525.
2014 GS, have Clearwater Darlas mounted on the lower forks and keep the yellow slip covers on them. They run 40% and go 100% on horn, brights, or flash to pass. In the rear I have the Skene conspicuity flickering lights on each side of the plate and the flashing brake light to solid. Very happy with the visibility
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