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Yinzer Moto

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Jan 25, 2022
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Welcome to ride reports. This is one of the best parts about this site and let’s make a group effort to keep it that way.

To make a new ride report thread.
Select the correct prefix, rides under a week or rides over a week.​
Do not just post a link to a personal blog or other site, this is a space to write your report.​
Do not spam the thread to sell items, there are other places on the site to do that.​
Do not ask for donations, go fund me, etc.​
Avoid going down a political rabbit hole, that can be a little tough when traveling globally. Just avoid anything that might be a political opinion.
These ride reports are supposed to be about bikes, there are other places to post 4 wheel adventures or walkabouts.
No nudity, it can be tough in some parts of the world. If you feel the photo is something that you may see in National Geographic, it will pass, but do not test the limits to this, it is probably better to save the pic for your personal collection.
This area is for reports of the actual ride, the trip planning section and other areas are for pre trip discussion.​
To Reply to a thread.
The above rules apply. No spam, no politics, No nudity​
Try to keep replies on topic of the trip. Questions about why the Op chose the bike or gear, is better in the Trip Planning section or in a private message.​
These rules are in addition to our overall rules.
Not open for further replies.
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