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Feb 7, 2022
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Yep, that's what this place needs. Bring on all your rowing adventure stories. Maybe we should have a contest? :)
In 1977 a friend and I nearly
sank his family’s drift boat, rowing in the Salmon River fishing. In 1978 a friend who rowed crew at Cornell, spent a year building a beautiful wooden one man shell. After graduation at the end of the spring semester, he put it on the roof of his 1966 Mercury Monterey to head home. He pulled out on the highway, got up to speed, and the hood popped open smashing his shell. We stay in touch, but he never rowed anything again….

I should see how the ice is on the Oswego, Salmon, or Black Rivers. People like to winter drift fish if it isn’t too bad. An
I thought you paddled a kayak?
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Perhaps the most unloved thread on ADVbikes....
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