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Scamers coders OBD programers BiDirectional And bench tuning thread.


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Feb 8, 2022
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The Place to talk anything scaning code reading or Parameter adjustments to writing tuning programs on factory ecu or stand alone ecus etc. Cars bikes or trucks.
What scan tools do you use or recommend.
In The basic scan tool code readers you use all the time to check / extinguish engine lights etc. What do you use orc recommend. and what features do you need or want from a scan tool set up re general maintenance like traction control ABS/ air bags and Brake servicing and adjustment reset etc. ?
I use the OBDLink EX OBD Scanner. For software, I'm using FORScan for the van and truck.

With the FORScan software, I was able to adjust tire size (to correct speedometer after upsizing tires on the van), check and clear codes, etc.

I just set the points and timing. :lol3:jack:imaposer
I am with you all the way OS.
and this is strangely why i posted this thread, to try and encourage and indeed learn from each other if we can.
Itts not like i know that much about the ECU mods etc. But i have dabbled or to be more accurate stumbled tripped and blindly guessed my way around VAG com and subsequently VCDs on the volkswagen skoda audi and seat range cars.
The Simple scan tools like Elm 32 and latterly Carly and carista are now outdone by the Launch Thinkdiag 2 etc which are a big improvement.
The thinkdiag stuff is cheap and about renders the likes of the snapon suites and the delphi software redundant.
I had acces to a registered and subscribed Peugeot Planet 2000 which was a bit of a learnin g curve for me in the 2010s it was a help like vag com for the VAG group cars was(VCDS IS) .
Whats kind if raised its ugly head with me last year or so has been No Opcom for My (vauxhall/ opel car,) and no BMW suftware for a mini diesel i am repairing now, and want to tune.
I am getting by with a Foxwell scaner which is fair for what it is But with a more didicated software acces it really would make life way easier.at and a multimeeter common sense and a bloke on youtube who shares a few basic test prosedures for some common mini / BMW N47 engine faults i am getting around things.
I think as cars trucks bikes grow evermore tech complex equaly the general population will learn and to some extent evolve with it, no matter how the dealer manufacturer network try to hog the tech in house there is a way around things, i mean just look at the stand alone ECUs etc for example, used on some jap cars they are becoming the must run items in the tuning world and not unreachable in fact often compatable to replacement manufacturer ecus. and yet reprogramable in house with flashed base tunes and 12 hour tech aces from the manufacturers.
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