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Scootin' SoCal


May 2, 2022
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seal beach, ca.
Oh ok, I'll play over here also.

Most have already learned to stay away from this thread,

you too will learn to steer clear.

I'm just an older turd riding around Southern California taking some pics while riding one of my scooters.

The two scooters that get me around,

My beloved 1992 Honda Helix,


The daily commuter called Ripper,


Glad to be here,

Sure hope I can add a bit to build the scooter thread.

Are you sure? I thought he was out riding it in the desert?
Check his thread in the other forum. He just posted that he let it go. Too slow for SoCal traffic. He also has a Versys 300x but keep complains about having to shift.
Wow! He seemed to like it quite a bit though.

I liked it when I liked it, now I don't. It's the umph I need here in SoCal, while there are plenty bikes I really like, I need the mph!!

I'm sure keeping an eye on this one though, https://www.sym-usa.com/models/jet14.html but I'm afraid I'll run into the same mph problem. This thing really brings back fond memories of my HD200, with smaller 14" rims, compared to the 16's on the HD.
That guy may be heading to Maggie Valley to beat the heat? :D
It's possible. The scooter had North Dakota Tags. I asked him about that and he said he bought the scooter there. I asked where he was headed and he said "Just riding around". He took off in one direction and a few minutes later rode back by going the other way. We saw him a couple of hours later at our campground about 5 miles down the road. He put a neck gaiter thingy around the bottom part of his face, head and neck, put on his helmet and rode off.

P5200030 (2).JPG

So he could be headed for Maggie Valley or he could be headed for California. I'm not sure he knows were he is going:dunno
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