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Share Pics and debate 2 stroke tuning and the minarelli / minarelli clone scooters


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Feb 8, 2022
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Share Pics and debate 2 stroke tuning and the minarelli / minarelli clone scooters here.
I confess to Never having owned one of these, never even ridden one and yet despite the fact i am simply not a scooter of any kind fan.
I find this type of scooter a very interesting machine, that i actually want to own and modify / tune. When my youngest was around 10 years old, he was glued to youtube and the internet, on 50cc scoot . com and 2 stroke stuffing etc. He had a 100cc minarelli clone engine fitted as standard to a youth size ATV , we had three of these things, the kids used them, to play on and as a family we all used them to check on cattle horses etc we grassed on the river banks.
My Lad Commandeered his Project ATV from effectively the spares pile, it was striped of many plastics etc, he abbreviated with a hacksaw the plastics and set about steadily improving the power and fiddling with the weights pulleys and belts.
At the sort of climax of this project around 3 years , that ATV was pretty quick for what it was, and he had not spent a lot of money on it because he did not have any, just a little pocket money and a small group of kids in school, who had Old scooters with 50cc / 100cc horizontal minarelli clones in them.
that old ATV got ultimately sold on to fund car modifying parts for his toyota Yaris/ Echo obsession. But He often, talks of that old ATV, and Wishes he had that engine in a lighter scooter frame.

SO after my own long into, to this thread. I felt there must be many out there who still like these scooters type of engines and still like modifying and tunning them.

So if so, Please post pics and debate tuning tech on all aspects of this type of scooter here.
I wish I knew anything about these but they sound fun. Cant wait for pics.
I Know little of them myself, but asked my lad tonight for where the info he gained was mostly from.
He said "Brent at 49ccscoot.com and alex 2 stroke stuffing and others 50cc forum".

Here is what i found on youtube based on what my son told me. I can remember him playing with the 100ccc ATVs CVT weights pulleys etc, and it made a difference
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