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- Week Short Notice ride in NC, TN and VA


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Feb 8, 2022
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A couple of friends were headed to a 3 night, 2 day DS ride out of Mountain View Motorcycle Campground in NC. I decided to join them a couple days before leaving. We put our bikes in a trailer and drove up on Thursday. It was around 350+ miles. We checked the place out.



IMG_20230608_170044386_HDR-X2 (2)-XL.jpg


IMG_20230608_170053391_HDR-X2 (2)-XL.jpg


P6080003 (2).JPG


P6080005 (2).JPG


IMG_20230608_202733302_HDR-X2 (2)-XL.jpg


IMG_20230608_202957390_HDR-X2 (2)-XL.jpg

It was mid June in the South but the temperature dropped down to 37 overnight.:vardy
We rode to the Smoky Mountain Bakery in Roan Mountain for breakfast the next morning.

P6090006 (2).JPG

Back at the campground.

P6090007 (2).JPG

Mark, the campground owner lead a group of 9 on a ride on Friday. Leaving the campground.

P6090009 (2).JPG

We rode a mix of twisty pavement and dirt/gravel roads.

P6090010 (2).JPG


P6090012 (2).JPG


P6090019 (2).JPG

I had ridden in this area before but most of what we rode was new to me.

P6090021 (2).JPG

Did I mention there were some curves?

P6090023 (2).JPG
Hard to believe the west side of nc looks like this. I grew up close and just went through fancy gap a few days ago.
Some of that was in TN and VA. A lot of the time I didn't know where we were or even which state we were in:D
Yup beautiful area for sure. One year I'll meet yall for beat the heat. The dualsport rides look awesome. Maybe... tw land... Nice pics
After this dirt road we got on the Snake and rode it to Shady Valley. Again we rode it at a very fun pace
At one point we got stuck behind a cage for a little bit before it pulled off to the side and let us by. It gave me the chance to take this next pic.

P6090058 (2).JPG

Shady Valley.

P6090060 (2).JPG

At this point I actually knew where we were. We took a right on 91 and soon turned off and I was lost again. We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at a Thai place in the middle of nowhere.

P6090061 (2).JPG

P6090062 (2).JPG

The weather was perfect for sitting outside so we did.


More great riding after dinner.

P6090063 (2).JPG

P6090065 (2).JPG

P6090067 (2).JPG

The ride ended up being close to 200 miles. I was pretty tired and sore but it was a great ride.
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Friday night wasn't quite as cold as Thursday night. The next morning we went back to the same place for breakfast. I was the first one there waiting at the door for them to open. Within a few minutes there was a long line behind me. By the time I got my food the place was packed and there was still a long line.

P6100072 (2).JPG

P6100073 (2).JPG

The V max was here because there would be a street ride in addition to the DS rides.

P6100074 (2).JPG

After breakfast we went beck to the campground. There were some Harley riders camping in the upper campground. To get there you have to go up a steep, rutted, curved dirt drive. Here's one of them coming down the hill.

P6100076 (2).JPG

We ended up with three groups of DS riders and one street ride. The group I rode with had 6 riders to start with 2 more planning on joining us later. We started on some of the same roads we did the day before which was fine with me since they were awesome roads.

P6100077 (2).JPG
It was a mix of pavement and dirt although my pics were mostly taken on the pavement.

P6100080 (2).JPG

P6100081 (2).JPG

P6100082 (2).JPG

P6100083 (2).JPG

These roads can best be described as "Lessor known roads of intoxicating curvage" Lots of curves with very little traffic! :ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky

P6100087 (2).JPG

P6100089 (2).JPG
We stopped for a break and many of us took the opportunity to shed some layers since it was warming up quickly.

P6100090 (2).JPG

P6100091 (2).JPG

Nice houses but I wonder how long it will take for them to get the gravel road paved.

P6100092 (2).JPG

This ATV was hauling down the road.

P6100093 (2).JPG

We rode into Mountain City where we met up with the other two riders and stopped for lunch at Burger king.
The plan for after lunch was to ride the snake to Shady Valley. I left early and found a place to set up and take everyone's pic.

Who says knobbies don't work on the pavement?

P6100095 (2).JPG

P6100097 (2).JPG

We stopped in Shady Valley.

P6100101 (2).JPG

I'm sure the crowd was much less here than at Deal's gap.

P6100102 (2).JPG

P6100103 (2).JPG
We were soon back in the dirt....and dust.

P6100107 (2).JPG

P6100109 (2).JPG

P6100111 (2).JPG

P6100113 (2).JPG

More paved twisties.

P6100123 (2).JPG

Shortly before getting back to the campground we stopped at a gas station and I just happened to run into a friend who was out for a ride with his dog. What a nice coincidence!

P6100127 (2).JPG

I finished up with around 150 miles for the ride. Like the day before I was wiped out and glad to be done but it was a great day of riding:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky
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