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Shovels - What are you Digg'n?


Feb 2, 2022
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Thinking I need a shovel to take in the Truck or Trailer for camping.

Not too Big, Not to Small - Looking for just right....

Anything that goes in the vehicle needs to be compact IMO. Space is at a premium. I have German army folding shovels in all the vehicles. Wives suv even has one stashed in w/ the spare wheel in case she ever gets stuck in the snow (or wants to dig at the beach.) I also stashed a french army wool blanket in there for her. I'm not specific to country, just got a good deal on a bunch of the Bundeswehr ones. Many types are usable in a 'hoe' config and not just as a shovel. Can't beat the price vs quality of real mil-surp stuff.

Real MIL surplus is great , esp since you got a deal on it.

With a bad back and bad knees I appreciate the longer fixed handles, but doing some looking about these modular ones also look good

I guess a lot is what you need it for. My uses are digging a small hole to poop in or dig out a stuck vehicle = not very often. I have a tomahawk in the van (95% used for pounding in tent stakes vs actually cutting wood.) so I've never even used the shovels serrated edge. If I needed a shovel on a more regular basis I'd want something better/longer. Whats your use case?
I have hatchets in all the trucks for tent stakes, hunting and firewood needs. Also can make a small hole if needed.

Shovel primary use is for 'unstucking' the truck as a first attempt, before I spool out the winch

These fixed handle surplus look good too.

I won this Handle-All 10 years ago and it has gone on every vehicle camping trips I've been on since. The old Military folding shovel I used to use stays at home.


Packs easy and is convenient to use. The shovel digs a big enough cat hole for the morning after chili night, so it's a win :lol2
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