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Single Layer Dyneema Jeans


Why not?
Feb 8, 2022
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Tucson, AZ
School me...

I'm thinking about a pair of single layer Dyneema riding jeans. It seems to me that the fabric and armor technology has advanced to a point where these can actually be protective. Several are AA or AAA CE rated and, as important to me, you can get thin, flexible CE level 2 armor.

Motolegends (no affiliation) has a series of very informative videos, but there's zero stock at any store/dealer near me. If you own a pair, what's your satisfaction level? What's the material feel like, i.e., the "hand" of it? Comfort? Longevity? Washing? Cool/hot?

Anybody crash in a pair?

I'm looking at the Rokker, Belstaff Charlie and the Spidi J Dyneema Evo. Of course, there's virtually nothing in stock anywhere, but trying to educate myself for when that changes.

The SAS-TEC Phantom level 2 armor seems impressive, but not sure you can get it in the US yet.

Some of the Motolegends videos for reference:

I've been thinking about a pair of riding jeans, too. Bohn armor underneath is a good option.

Thanks, I'm familiar with the Bohn armor pants, they make good stuff. But I'm really looking for the "single layer" b/c of the AZ heat.
Maybe, but with the Phantom level 2 armor in a Dyneema jean, I'm not sure I see the benefit of the Bohn underpants set up. The armor might stay in place better, but that's about it. Not totally insignificant, but I'd like to try the single layer set up.

But that's going to depend on how the dyneema material feels.
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