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Snow Riding Vids and Pics

Mike Komer at the Tryals Shop. Cameo of the famous Cookie Truck....
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I had my GoPro on for two days of snow riding. What I'm finding out is that it is really difficult to edit together a coherent and interesting video, and my old iMac here just doesn't make a very good video editing machine, especially with footage shot in 1080p or higher. I'm done. Next time I'm just taking pictures.
he was home nice & warm I guess. Here is Bob demonstrating the wrong hill climb technic(standing up instead of squatting) he rode the 4 stroke & I was giving him a hard time. I know it's hard to believe I would do that.


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You would have thought with that extra 20lbs, it would have motored right up. You guys have more snow than we do.
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