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Feb 9, 2022
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Are more important than others.

I was supposed to go memorial day weekend. The XR250R pilot managed to save his trip but mine was not to be.

Mom hit the hospital the day before, by the middle of June she was gone. It's been awful since. Mom, work tried to destroy me, car blew up, stepdad had to have 3x bypass.

Been trying to get vacation for over two months, had to pass on 2 trips to TN because work and stepdad.

For whatever reason, it just feels like this is a reset.

No idea what the ride plan is for this trip. We have road every trail system Hatfield has. Just have to figure that shit out after the motors light up.

Been riding with the XR pilot for over 40yrs. We always figure it out.

Loaded for departure. This time tomorrow we should be in Logan WV. On trail Saturday AM.
Not coming home till Wednesday. Weather looks excellent.
It's about damn time...


I know the "rules" are it's all about the ride, but bikes and gear are a big part of these trips for us.
So it would be cool with me if that rule bends for this thread. It's not like I'm gonna drop epic vista pics from Logan WV...

Speaking of pics, many pics may not get uploaded till we shutdown for the day. I grab most pics with the 680c on the dash. Phone is usually in the drybox the XR carries.

Not much sight seeing on these trips but I'll share pics from the woods and the stops we make.

Never done a RR, gotta try everything at least once.
The bikes in the trailer are part of the ride. Looking forward to the rest. Have fun!
Good day today.

Dusty, but better than swamp. Not super busy. We will see less ppl from here out. Most everyone is loaded to leave tomorrow. We get everything to ourselves.

Spent most of the morning shaking the cobwebs off. Been a year since I was here.

Have a few pics on the GPS but I'll have to load those tomorrow.

At the hotel.

First stop. We usually stop here the rock makes a nice seat.


This was one of the nicer views we caught. They don't make overlooks so there's not a ton of good places to see out from the trail.


Quick stop.


We made it to this special place. This isn't on the maps anymore, since 2016. We always do this loop. It's about the only outlaw stuff we do.

There's a natural cool draft that blows from a collapsed mine near. It's great on 90+ deg days. Wasn't much air moving today.


They closed this mine like they meant it.


This is about all the "vista" we got.


Back at the hotel now. Planning on Buffalo Mtn tomorrow. Word is it's dry over there.

I'll try and bring the GPS pic next time. I'm just tired today. Long day after being away so long. We road about 2hrs after dark.
Shit was getting cold. Glad to be back at the hotel.
I have service !

Watched Bambi get rescued first thing this morning.


Caught some nice views. Color is pretty good.



Trail stopped on break.


Haven't seen much of anyone today.
Just another great day. Over 100mi of hard trail.
Little of everything today. Hit 3 of the trail systems.

Eating McDonald's now because they roll the streets up around here quick on Sundays.




Tuff day.
Not 5 minutes from the car we were on black trail. It was downhill from there (literally).

Started out with a wrong turn and more or less got trapped. Probably "could" have went back up but no thanks. We invented a plan B. Where we stopped it was fine but the downhill prior was more than I wanted.


Some nice riding but nothing in the way of views today.



Everything is very dry everywhere. Dusty days
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