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Star Wars Shows on D+


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Mar 28, 2022
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Bobba Fett, Mandalorian, Ben Kenobi - coming up in May! Are the Star Wars shows better than the movies? After watching the Mandalorian, I'm tempted to say yes.
Okay I got a good laugh here! :lol3 Thanks Yooper_Bob for clearing things up.

So... No Mandolorian fans? C'mon! He rides a speeder bike!

Mandolorian was really good -- I certainly enjoyed it more than any of the latest movies, except for Rogue One which claimed second place in my all-time favorite Star Wars movie list. Plus, Felicity Jones...:raabia (First place is still Empire Strikes Back).

Mando was fun because it doesn't take itself too seriously, but doesn't get incredibly campy either. It's a solid mix of humor, heart, and action. It feels like a Star Wars western gun-slinger in all the best ways. Feels like a classic Star Wars tale should.
Anybody watched Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Worth the wait! 2 episode premiere and they already built up the inevitable moment everyone is asking for. Nice.
In yesterday's episode, Darth Vader got "even."

So far the show does not disappoint!
We must be watching different shows.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, but after E3, I'm out. I won't be wasting my time watching Disney Star Wars destroy another character. They can't even do that well, imo.
How is the show not meeting your expectations? You don't like the direction it's taking?
^^^^ this.

The Original Plot lines were good


I Tired to watch some of the new story lines, As for these, Nope, total waste of time and effort on Disney's part

The plot is stupid. The execution of the plot is stupid and lazy.

They've made Kenobi into a stupid, weak, cowardly man. He's being led by a 10 year old girl, and he can't keep their cover story straight. He had one job at the conclusion of Ep3, protect Luke and train. Instead, he buried his lightsaber and forgot about the Force. He runs off from protecting Luke because a guy with an entire planet's resources behind him can't protect Leia, and can't find her, either. All I've seen so far is a pathetic attempt to retcon Leia into being more important than Luke. That may fit with Star Wars Disney, but it doesn't fit with what came before Disney decided to fuck up Star Wars.

More stupidity. Head Baddie lets an untrusted underling murder him because? The big showdown with Vader started with Kenobi ... running away from him in a gravel pit. Vader starts a fire to roast Kenobi, puts the fire out, and moments later is somehow foiled by the fire being re-ignited as a droid drags Kenobi away. I guess Vader is scared of fire if he doesn't initiate it? Vader can use the Force to throttle Kenobi, but can't do the same to a droid? Take a look at the moronic scene at that laser gate for evidence of a bad script. How about that great scene where the henchfolk can't seem to get their hands on a 10 year old? The writers and director really don't seem to care if anything makes sense.

Remember, this is General Obi-Wan Kenobi, not some bush league minor character. He was a powerful Jedi, central to huge battles and major decisions, accustomed to operating without support, and he beat Anakin when Big A was at the height of his Force powers. Kenobi knows what's at stake, and he knows the importance of his mission - yet, we're to believe he said, "Nah, fuck it!" and turned his back on everything. In the end, I expect Reva will be The One to Save them All, because Star Wars Disney wills it to happen.

Disney's gaslighting campaign against racism looks like nothing more than a diversion from the poor quality of what they're putting on the screen. This is the same Disney that pulled Finn from promotional material in China in deference to China's racist policies, and the same Disney that doesn't seem to recall that one of Star War's major characters was played by a black man, and pretty much everyone was happy with his performance.
I take it for what it is. It's not like the movies are masterpieces either. It's entertaining. Yeah, Vader gave Obi-Wan a little taste of what it was like to burn. The plot is a little thin anyway. Vader could never tell Leiah was his daughter? He could not sense Obi-Wan for 10 years? Or 18 years? Plot holes are part of Star Wars and always have been. It just don't take the whole thing too seriously.
I don't take it seriously, but I do expect a little more effort to be put into it. I don't believe the problems I mentioned were difficult to identify, or to prevent. If Lucas and others had been this stupid and lazy, A New Hope would've been the beginning and end of Star Wars.

Disney bought a huge amount of Star Wars IP and jettisoned it in favor of what they've pumped out for ten years. I have no doubt Kenobi's past was already available for this series, but Disney knew better.
I re-watched Episode 3 and Episode 4 back to back last night.
Obi-Wan gets defeated by Count Dooku very easily. He also acknowledges that Anakin has saved him multiple times.
The differences in plot/ dialogues between Episode 3 and Episode 4 are huge.
IMO, the prequels is where the whole thing took a wrong turn. They get caught up on Jedi talk, character development isn't as good.
I'm just glad that Ewan McGregor reprised his role. He's giving the fans what we've all been waiting for. He's a good actor. 10 years in hiding haven't been good to Obi-Wan and it shows. Plus another showdown between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan? That's good enough for me.
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