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Stark VARG Crosser


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Feb 10, 2022
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This could be a real game changer. Beautiful engineering, reasonable price, more power than ask for.
I'm excited for them. I think they could open up a lot of opportunity for tracks/riding within city limits.

A buddy has one ordered so I should be able to take a spin on one eventually.
I put down a deposit the first day (So did ~800 others too.) Two other locals did the same.
It will be a game changer. The euro press release is in late March IIRC. Will be very telling when outsiders get to ride it.
Agreed, W/ the battery limitations a mx targeted bike makes the most sense. Of course, we all bought the 18" wheel / enduro-ish versions w/ no desire to ride mx. Lots of stuff around here is loops from the car/basecamp. Haven't ridden it a ton yet but my Freeride E can make a loop of a local spot and should be able to take enough charge while we grab a quick snack to comfortably do another. Of course if we ride somewhere all day I'll eventually run it dead and have to jump on a gas bike (or the Varg!) If we go somewhere like Hatfield McCoy where you are gone all day will still have to take a gasser.

Somewhere (out west?) where there are much longer rides I'm not sure it would work out as well. But w/ the battery tech available today its a good start especially for around here. I do wish the battery was more quick swap like the KTM. I was on the fence about buying a spare battery for that (or buying an Alta) when the Varg was anounced.
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