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The clone thread


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Mar 20, 2022
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East Coast
I have owned a few clones over the last few decades. And I have compared the usefulness to everything from ujm, sportbikes, scooters, cruisers from all big 4, Aprilia and harley. Ahh just bikes to me. I do kinda like old harleys and clones for wrenching and modding. I think about a yz125x about the same as a gpx tse. Which ever delivers and is less trouble wins. I cant mix politics with motos. Ha even though....but that has nothing to do with good service, affordable prices and parts. Maybe the saving grace to this world is moto unity. So post the clones, discuss why not and whatever. Enthusiasts are enthusiasm. Have fun!
This is the bike I almost bought. I have too many bikes...but horizontals have a great 1st gear. My current plated bikes are 2022 klr and 2022 tw200. Both suffer in local offroad because of weight. Also kinda of expensive for me to drag through the swamp. I almost went trailbike or kx112. I have a ruckus if I want for $1000. I might just do it because there isn't property tax on 50cc. But street legal and add tires with ease of mods is enticing. My ct70 clone rips with simple mods. I would almost rather build the ct for true offroad. And make this cl clone for street legal swamp bike. And leave it outside ready to go. Just add tires and tune with rips to town. 17" wheels helps. The ct70 feels like a minibike that is death defying at 55mph plus. Which is easy in 3rd gear.
Around the 23 min mark he starts to rip

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