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The Shot shell reloading thread.


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Feb 8, 2022
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If you reload for shotgun be it 410 to 10ga or skeet / game or waterfowling , lead steel Bismuth or TSS . Talk show and share info here. machines powders shot types wads primers shot sizes load data presure tests or Anything at all on shot shell reloading.
Interested. Load metallic now and interested in loading shot shells.
25 years ago I gave away all the shot shell equipment to a buddy. The Juice was not worth the squeeze for me.

Probably only go thru a 1/2 flat of #5 lead for pheasant, and 1/2 flat of #2 Steel for Duck and Goose, per year.
Reloading shot shell is not for everyone either from a time component and equipment perspective.
But in reality from Reloading shot shell like reloading any ammo. you Know exactly whats going into the loads all the Details like shot size powder choice etc are exactly what you want.
the mere Financial angle is just one single aspect, and what with component prices / shipping and of course your valuable time taken into account quite often its just not a viable proposition for many shooters/ hunters.
But if you look past all the above, and take into account the benefits and practicalities it can offer you reloading might just make perfect sense .
With reloads you can tailor any load with any shot type or shot size at any velocity achievable in your ga or cambering of shotgun you want to.
There is the added benefit here of Load adjustment should you so wish. And with Care knowledge and pressure tests or testing equipment, its near endless the detail variations you can incorporate into a Load that may just give you the perfect performance from the load, any factory loads might fail to achieve.
Not all shooters want nor need such perfection from a load, and this is yet again a metaphorical nail in the coffin of such a person reloading shot shell.
Another aspect of reloading many could benefit from is that of practica;ity, this is that you have no more ringing or driving about franticaly or waiting for an order to come in if you say spot a fax near the chickens and not a bigger than 71/2 in the house. Ok you could get him with 71/2s in certain scenarios, but a magnum load of BBs through that full chokec will reach to whee he gets and where you can hide and much more importantly your being humane at that range with the bigger shot. In such scenarios you just go in and make a few shells to get the job done and no ride in to the store or long wait its as you need it what and how big a load in house any time with no travel or waiting.
i am an active waterfowl hunter, and in my world and what i want from a load, reloading gets me what i want exactly how i want it to perform and when i want it.
For, me at least i consider shot shell reloading to be very worthwhile, and its a part of my waterfowling equipment i appreciate having around.
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