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The ubiquitous diesel heater thread.


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Feb 8, 2022
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The ubiquitous diesel heater thread.
Talk diesel Heaters, any Mods/ installs/ fuels / set up advice .
Given the growing popularity of these frugal little gems, which have in recent times become available at very reasonable prices. I thought debate surrounding their utilization installation and modification could benefit many of us in these increasingly expensive times.

I have over the years had several truck sleeper diesel heaters from eiberspacher and Mikuni, and had a Mikuni MY16 in my VWLt35 van for a decade or more. but I am currently considering buying a Cheap diesel heater and using it as a background heater in the main house, I have seen a 8Kw cheap diesel heater heating a small town house and with a peugeot 307 HDI EGR cooler in the exhaust providing enough hot water for washing dishes etc. This friends heater is running happily on a variety of free waste fuels with clean combustion and surprising efficiency.
Lets talk diesel heaters.
I really need to buy one of those to play with. I think they seem very versatile.
Rob the friend who i refereed to, has had his over 6 months now, its a typical red box £80 all in one 8KW one off fleabay uk.
Same style to this 8kw one in this video.

an idea of a typical 5KW fuel consumption,

They will run on many waste oils my mates running waste engine oil and kero mix too keep it reliable, this guy found this out for himself. , currently but has run veg oil when he can get it too.

Lots of good info out there on these things, check out this chaps videos.

They are surprisingly reliable long term, and with the adjustments run on lots of waste and quite reliable it would seem. Look at the settings.
I am thinking of making one i can use to heat my car when i sleep in it in the winters when i am away waterfowl hunting. this is a outdoor portable diy option i might just base my build on.

I have seen quite a few build them in Pelican cases, that is pretty slick.
pagng Fallacy to the Heater aisle please
One as supplemental heat in the diesel Jeep, fueled from the main tank, silent in use and keeps it comfortable well below zero.



One in my tiny camper, overly adequate.



One heating my well insulated shops, two rooms of 10’ X12’.
It’s been running 24/7 for the last three winters with 0 issues and will run for 4+ days on 2.5 gallons.

Ordered a 5KW all in one diesel heater last week, and it came this morning.
it started fine clicking away, and seems to throw out a decent amount of heat.

was £70 and about the biggest critisusum i can level is the package contents so far are the provided hose clips are super cheap and nasty.
It came with a controler remote, this was simple to pair with the heater and works fine.
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I have one 8k self contained and it is pretty handy. I used it camping last fall with my son. We were at the track all weekend and camping close by in the Natnl forest.. I ran a splitter and some lengths of insulated flex duct into our tents (2@ 2man 3 season) and left the heater in the back of the truck on a Deepcycle 100AH. Temps dropped into the high 20s and rainy. ( Ahhh Fall in New England) both tents were at livable temps and dry ,as opposed to the dampness and condensation that you get on those days. The tents were Warm enough to be able to get out of the sleeping bag comfortably.
Used about 1/2 tank of fuel and barely any battery, Battery level was still in the 85%+ range.
Best part for me was the remote worked through the tent.
I truly didn't expect to be using the heater so our set up was a little rustic. With some thought and a more draft free tent set up It could be great.
I usually go up into the hills early April for a few days with the enduro to chase the last of the sleds off the mountain. I'm working on a practical set up with a 4 season tent.
Been playing with the heater today, trying different oils/ fuel. (Ill attach a video or two on the menu access for the settings etc below)
I had to up the pump on the heavier stuff, like waste veg and in essence i currently believe a veg oil / old engine oil and kerosene mix seems to be clean burning. and gives good outlet temps according to my laser gauge. and its got good exhaust temps too, something i personally plan to utilize for hot water harvesting via the EGR cooler eventually. Its not an exact science from what i can tell, but it seems quite averse to pure cold waste veg oil, thinning it down some with kero and motor oil its a lot better and cleaner/ hotter. 1/3rd of each is fine, but i fund slightly less motor oil seemed to fire off cleaner and it was a little hotter.
I ned to get more accurate with the waste oil / kero/ diesel ratios, and record my findings in a book. and perhaps write down my settings for that specific mix, so that i can blend the crap i am running this thing on to not only get economy but heat with the fuels i have to hand at any time.
I will admit to quite enjoying my time with this little toy, its interesting, and its throwing some decent heat out for free in these evermore expensive times.

Anyway a couple of videos off the tube outlining the menu basics you might find helpful.

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Considering this, but not 100% yet ( Gymicy/ Unnecessary perhaps) . any coments most welcome.
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