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The Upcoming Bajaj-Triumph sub 500cc bike


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Feb 8, 2022
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I am a died in the wool triumph fan, as a small kid a tiger cub 200 trials and then a bantam/ cub hybrid trials were my first experience of Triumph.
All this went on to Tiger 90s a daytona 500 four trident 750s in total and i still have one today, and a t120 bonavile and a t140 tr7v tiger 750. a tiger xcx800 and a sprophy 900 3, a trophy sprint hybrid.
The point being i love triumphs, so point taken ....The New Triumph. Well Mixed emissions really, i am genuinely glad it exists and anything that broadens the triumph market share is a plus, the fact its a out sourced motor is some what disappointing, and yet far from uncommon in the motor industry generally. And i am of the opinion for what its worth that if they keep the reliability quality and dependability ... Why on earth not it makes economic sense i agree , and yet "Would i want triumph to make a habit of this out sourcing power plants on all its Models? Personaly thats a Big NO.
But on the new baby of the brand, its to me ... Acceptable, .And procceding with this line of thinking hope to see Triumph Introduce smalle 125s etc there are some good water cooled 125s out there that would get the job done in the small bikes. Triumph did historicaly do small bikes 200/ 250 , why not in the future again.
KTM has bunch of P2 490s coming. What the world needs now is an SM-R
Some people like the retro styling, and KTM street bikes are pretty ugly, IMO. KTM, should have used something similar to the Husqvarna styling on their street bikes, and they'd have a win.
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