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The Wisconsin Thread

60ish today in my corner. Anyone else get a ride in?
And we're within walking distance of each other and still haven't met up. :lol3 Course our house is under contract right now, so won't be in downtown too much longer. I did ride over to gooseberries for some groceries yesterday. :thumb
We're looking at moving out of town eventually but haven't found the right deal. The last 2.5mo have been entirely consumed with my newborn but before that my excuses are shit. Haha
Nice!! We've got #2 en route.....so yeah, we figured it was a great time to sell and move into an RV and try to build. :lol3
Oof. We have a weekend RV rental trip planned for May as the little guy has her not wanting to tent. We'll see how that goes as I have brought up RV living while rehabbing something more comfortably in our budget.
I had the bike out last week to prepare for our spring break trip to the gulf coast of FL. Trailer was ready, bike was prepped, gear was out. Then at the last minute I decided not to tow it down and focus on the family. The only consolation is that it’s raining in WI so the salt should be washed away by the time I’m back. Stupid winter.
^^I'm still waiting for more salt to wash away too. Maybe I'm just paranoid because I transferred here from ND where they don't use salt!
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