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Yinzer Moto

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Jan 25, 2022
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Welcome to thumpers. This is a catch all for single cylinder bikes that do not fit in another section. Mainly dual sports and dirtbikes. Most major bikes have a mega thread here already, take a look around before starting a new thread. There is a great directory thread at the top of the forum created by ZoomerP, look for your bike in there. If you do not see your bike and need to create a thread for your bike, go for it! Also, shoot ZoomerP a private message that a new thread was created and he can add your thread to the directory.

As with most of this forum, everything is not over moderated. Keep things civil and follow the rules of the site. If there is something you think needs a mod’s attention, just click the report button. Thank you.

Site-wide rules found here.

Directory thread:

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