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Thunder run to Las Vegas 30 Mar - 6 Apr 2022


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Mar 22, 2022
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Huntsville, AL.
Next week I'm planning on running the new bike out to Vegas for the Windy 25 memorial run. Can anyone help me out with a campground to stay at outside or near Vegas. I'll be in Vegas for two night, Friday and Saturday nights; always during rate hikes these events happen:p

First day will be long day to Amarillo TX, then into AZ the next day, depending how I feel I could make it in two days but not sure if I will be up for a Run Saturday morning with those mileage numbers under my belt in two days.

I picked a hell of a week to quit drinking...
I got a good lead on a place to stash my bike 3 miles West of the strip in Vegas, one less thing to worry about when I get there! My back up plan was to hit the North side of the city and pitch my tent with the bums! The GSA might give me away though:patch
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Best laid plans, the weather is so bad the next few days no way I can make it to Vegas in time for the 5k I wanted to attend. There are other days ahead!
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