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Tool Kits - Bare Minimum or Maxi Kit


Feb 2, 2022
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let's talk tool kits that you pack with for a day, week or Around the World epic trip

(reserved for photo)
Right now just have a basic kit. Few wrenches leatherman and a tire patch kit with a motopumps compressor. This is my around town setup looking to expand for my longer trips so will be watching this thread
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Got me! That kit nearly more complete than my home toolbox! :lol3

I just carry the OEM kit with few additions (allen wrenches, some box end wrenches) and a plug kit. That socket/wrench combo above looks very nice.
This is my regular KTM kit. The extra stand on the left is when I'm on the 525, don't need it for the 640. I always carry more big zip ties too, the good ones.
I add headlight and marker light spares and, within reason, spares for whatever gizmo the bike tends to have problems with. On the Bandit that was the vacuum operated fuel valve, on the R6 its a spare fuel pump. Also a compact 1st aid kit and replacement fuses, a few hose-clamps, hex drive drill bits. Agreed wrt the small powered tire pump, patch stuff and wireties. A great idea to add a little multimeter- will do that, and some of those towel things.

When I had the the Bandit, it was set up with larger panniers so I added some additional tools- even a little vise and hacksaw which paradoxically were once very handy on a local outing when I came up on a stranded rider with his chain guard being eaten by the chain.
Couple of years back in Prep for light weight, I bought MP's Ti wrenches. So light, they feel like the cutlery at KFC

the JAP set has 8,10, 12,14mm and then you had to buy 13mm separately
the EURO set has 8,10,12,13mm and you had to buy 14 mm .

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Did you spend $50 for the 13mm? I keep wanting it, but I carry a small Knipex pliers wrench and a 13mm socket, so it's hard to justify the cost when I don't have any 13mm fasteners on my bike.

I actually got the EURO set (8,10,12,13) and then bought the 14mm

I'll give you one guess....

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maybe I had just a few drinks officer :photog

reality Is I carry KTM Axle nut wrenches too, just in case to help others. So a full set of TI wrenches made sense at the time (ref # 7 above)
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