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Feb 2, 2022
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Welcome to the Vendors Forum. This is really a great place to market your brand and sell your items.

For the Vendors, a few simple rules:
1. All Vendors must have a ADV+ account and a Vendor Account
This upgrade is located under Your account / Account upgrades
2. List the name of your company at the beginning of each post
3. List how Buyers can reach your company: DM, Phone number, email or thru your home page
4. You may only sell items that you are an authorized retail dealer for, dealers representative for, or products you or your company manufacture
5. You may post a link to your online store, and to the manufacturers homepage as applicable
6. Please state what kinds of payments you or your store accepts
7. Do not Spam the rest of the forums. Try to self moderate by keeping lengthy product discussions to the vendor section.
If a product discussion is going to be lengthy, the vendor should respond to the poster by saying, “please join me over at my vendor thread, where I can answer more specific questions in more detail”

For the Buyers:
Services like PayPay & Venmo for Business offer purchase protection (avoid Friends and Family).
Some Credit Cards may also offer purchase protection.
Transactions are between you and the Vendor. ADVbikes.com and Irate4x4 LLC are not part of the transaction.

These rules are in addition to our overall rules.

Becoming a Vendor:
We keep our vendor section a little more locked down that most for a few reasons:
  • To ensure sure people doing business here are here for the members
  • To protect existing vendors & members from fly-by-night sellers
  • It keeps a mod from having to read/judge if there is a legit business behind a post
If you want to be a Vendor you must:
  • Be an current ADV+ member
  • Pay the Vendor fee
We also want to be clear that charging to be a Vendor is not a money grab situation. After you become a vendor, ADVbikes will refund your vendor fee if you agree to host a giveaway, of equal value, for our ADV+ members. This can be in the form of parts, service, swag or a gift card to your business. It’s also a good way to gain the attention of the members on the forums.

If you have any other questions about becoming a member, please PM Austin.
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