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Versys Ride Thread


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Mar 28, 2022
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Palm Coast, Fl
Where are all the Versys riders at, lets see what you've got, what you've done, and where you've gone! most of these pics were from a nice long round trip in Cali, even almost saw a cop get stuck in a wash for...reasons lol


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I've got a 2012 Versys which I bought new in 2014. I bought mine to use as a street bike so I have no pics of it stuck in a mudhole or anything like that.

Here's a few pics:

My 2012 in company with an older Versys and a 1000 Versys.


Riding the dragon.


The Moki Dugway.


The White Rim Trail.


North Carolina overlooking Lake Ocoee.

Looking good! klaviator I wish the pics i got from the dragon looked that good :lol3 was there last year running down a bunch of R6's and fz09's for a few days. Good fun!

The goal for this year is to ride all of New Mexicos BDR, Just wrapped up Cuba to Grants segment yesterday and had so much fun I forgot to stop for pics.
For anyone that doesnt think the Versys is a trail bike be amazed! lol It may not be great at it but it sure is fun! Also Crash bars are great


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Any of you guys feel like the front pushes and then tries to tuck when hanging off more sportbike style? Had the Forks done at an excellent shop and it rides pretty solid offroad(little stiff) and handles excellent if I try to corner supermoto style foot out but hanging off feels meh and forced. I'm running SHinko 705 so I'm not expecting sportbike performance just trying to pinpoint why it feels so different between the two styles
What are y’all using for tank bags on the 1st gen bikes? There’s not enough metal for a magnetic.
Ive got just an elastic cargo net, works decent over the tank for some things and great for two large pizzas and some beer when on the tail rack
Sold about 5 years ago. Think I may buy it back.


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Lake George, NY a couple of weeks ago. Did a 7-day/2,000 mile tour thru the Poconos, Catskills, Adirondaks, and Green Mountains, and incorporating the Americade rally. 12th trip to the area going back to 1998. Living in Eastern Flatistan (a/k/a Delaware), I love to hit the mountain twisties when I can.

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