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VStream Touring or Touring Deluxe?


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Feb 20, 2022
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Hello all, I'm looking for real world experience with the VStream Touring windshields. I'd like to replace the stock unit on my 2021 GSA. I am 6'5" and the stock shield directs bugs directly onto my helmet face shield. I have no issues with the amount of air I receive from the stock shield, just the bug blast is irritating.

My question is about the difference between the Touring or Touring Deluxe shields. I don't want to look through the shield and I'm concerned that the Touring Deluxe may be tall enough to get into my line of sight and I'm not particularly fond of the look of such a tall shield. Can anyone provide their experience with either of these shields, please?
I’ll try and help you out. I have the shorter one, I believe it’s 2” taller than the OEM shield. I am 5-10 with s long torso. The OEM shield was directing air right to my face and caused a buffering effect at high speeds. I went with the slightly taller Vstream and it fixed my complaints. Also has better side coverage from stock.

I went full monty with the Touring Deluxe and these Aeroflow deflectors plus a black plastic air deflector that fits around the forks from Wunderlich. It's not as quiet as my '17 RT with Aeroflow Tall screen but I can ride with face shield open and still get a nice breeze on my arms. I only need earplugs on long interstate hauls. The rest of the time, it's fine. Note: You should get the windscreen side braces with any shield bigger than stock. Vstream sells them and a place in the UK. Both are good. You just unscrew two thumbscrews before adjusting and retighten after. Screen stays very solid and steady.
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