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Were did you Ride Today ?

Super Dirt Dud

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Feb 21, 2022
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Eastern Pennsylvania
So I owed my Dealer some $ so rather than send a check after work yesterday I left at 12:30 and boogied via the interstate 82 miles into the fine state of Pennsylvania .
I stuffed the $ under his tractor seat leaving an extra $300. because I know it won't be long and my trials bike will need some more parts .
Then I got out my favorite road riding tool my TomTom motorcycle GPS I set it for no highways and lots of twisties and away I went . My ride back was 123 miles
and a whole lot of scooter smiles , endless great back roads with views that were priceless . The BV350 performed spot on I was glad for the nice weather because my tires are bald .
I am thinking that one of the mods I did I will undue because the performance pipe I put on gets kind of annoying just to load . If you do not have a motorcycle GPS go get one you will love it .

Gusty winds riding over the Queen Isabella Causeway this morning...


I rode to Wally World and bought some groceries. On the way home I grabbed the Southeast theme tag and took a pic for the new tag.


I rode about 17 miles total and burned about 95 cents worth of gas. My truck would have burned around $4.50.
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