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south east okie

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Apr 3, 2022
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ringold ,oklahoma
I just got this '99 R1100gs for a parts bike. It has aftermarket head and tail lights on it ,I've never seen lights like this on a 1100gs. Also has a real large fuel tank that I assume is a GSA tank.

Can somebody tell me what I have?

parts bike headlight.jpg
parts bike taillight.jpg
parts bike tank.jpg
Is this it?

I should but I don't. It looks like the fairing off of a KTM 640 adventure grafted onto a BMW tank but I have no idea:dunno
klaviator , you are correct , it's a KTM windscreen. Was wiping it looking and saw some lettering, rubbed soapstone on it and can make out KTM.

You have a ton of knowledge !!!
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